How to get things done as an entepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we always have some tasks to do everyday. But getting them done, is the tough part.

We come up with excuses like – ”I am way too busy” or find some other reasons to procrastinate, reasons that we make for ourselves.

When you ask ” What are you so busy? ” you get a ”to-do” list recitation. But nothing on the list is actually getting done. And whatever is getting done is not important and will not help their business to thrive. We don’t do the most important things.

Entrepreneurs always have things to do, but most of our to-do items are distractions. Some don’t even have a to-do list, they just wing it and do what they feel like that day.

How can we ”busy” entrepreneurs get busy doing the right things. Here are 5 simple steps to getting the right things done.

1. Ask.
Start each day with this question: What is the one thing that I can/should do today that will get me closer to my goal or desired result? Work on that first and complete the task. You must first have specific and clear goals. Without them there is no way you can determine the most important tasks.

2. Priorities.
Create a daily list of things to do: Work on the high value tasks first. High value tasks are those that increase important business factors like revenue and profitability. High value tasks are also those that help you achieve your goals. As such, you have to define “high value” as it relates to you and your organization.

3. The 4 D’s.
When the “right thing” isn’t clear, apply The 4 D Rule – every task that you are faced with must “fit” into one of these four categories:

Do it. You are the best person to handle this task.

Delegate it. Though this is something you could probably do, it’s not the best use of your time or skills. Delegate it to someone who is better suited to handle it.

Defer it. Not everything has to be done at the same time; set priorities to stay focused on the right things for the given time period.

Dump it. This is a task that doesn’t have to be done at all; it represents “busy” work and no value will result from it being done.

4. Pause to consider.
Take small breaks during the course of the day to evaluate your current situation. Give yourself the opportunity to validate that you are working on the right things.

5. Focus.
This last step is very important: Stop multi-tasking! While you can probably do more than one or two things at the same time, you are not Superman, and it’s impossible to actually focus on more than one thing at the same time. Continue multi-tasking, and your results will begin to reflect your lack of focus.

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