How to fix QuickBooks error
code 6144 82

There is no refusing the fact that QuickBooks is the best accounting software that is preferred by millions of small and medium scale business enterprises. But this software becomes a nightmare when the user notices some or other error codes about which they do not know at all. It must be noted here that error codes should be fixed at the earliest so as to reduce further hassles. The QuickBooks error code 6144 82 appears specifically at the time of opening a company file which is used by other application.

To get the issue rectified from scratch it is important to apply the troubleshooting. But make sure that you do the steps as they are given in their order. First, analyze the causes properly and then do the given process.

Symptoms of the error:

  • It crashes any open application when it appears
  • The device freezes or even hangs
  • A dialogue box showing the error occurs on the screen
  • The windows respond slowly

Causes of the error:

  • QuickBooks not being installed properly
  • Registry got corrupted
  • Malware or virus presence
  • Other program deleted QB company files
  • Hard disk damage
  • Change in the network connection settings

Fixing QuickBooks Error code 6144 82 with basic steps:

Step 1: First of all, fix the Registry entries related to the error

Step 2: Use a junk or disc cleaner to remove any temporary unwanted folders

Step 3: Scan your device with the help of a powerful antivirus or malware cleaner

Step 3: Check for any outdated driver, if found, update it

Step 4: You can perform undo operation to restore any recently made system changes

Step 5: Launch the Windows system file checker

Step 6: Check for any Windows update and perform a clean installation

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If you think that these steps do not work, then you must try to uninstall and then reinstall the QuickBooks program related to the error. This will help in removing any other glitch too. In case any hindrance occurs, get in touch with QuickBooks customer support number that can be dialed during any hour of the day. The support agents who are aware of the various errors better than you will give an appropriate solution.

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