How to Fix AOL Gold Icon not Responding?

If you have installed the AOL Gold icon and after installing properly, you are facing an issue while clicking on the AOL Gold icon means it is showing AOL Gold Icon not responding error on the computer screen. And you are not getting understood behind its failure and you are looking for the best and helpful idea. With the help from you could be able to fix the issue of your AOL Gold icon again. So, please stay with us and read the blog carefully. After, you will be able to get away the error of your AOL Gold and start to use it again.

AOL Gold icon not responding is a very common error and most of the people complaints about it in our technical department and AOL certified technical person does help a lot to solve their issue whatever they do face.

Some Helpful troubleshooting points for fixing AOL Gold icon not responding error:

If any person has trouble with their AOL gold icon and due to some reasons the user is not able to open and using their AOL, and the user needs any kind of AOL technical person or looking for the best way, with the help from, the user will be able to correct their facing error which coming from their AOL mail so here we are sharing below with the helpful point that can help you to get away the error.

Quick Switch off the system and switch on again (Restart)

  1. Quick Switch off the system and switch on again
    please close all open tabs and applications immediately.
  2. Then, click on the Windows icon (left side of Bottom), click on the Restart option for its closing.
  3. You can press ALT + F4 together for closing the system.
  4. Reason for doing this, your computer RAM will be cleared and refreshed after, it can be given the place to your installed AOL Gold application.

First, apply it above and try to check that your installed AOL Gold Icon not responding error exists yet or not.

Please check the internet connection                                                                                               

Sometimes, all things are all set already, but the internet connection is creating the issue. So, as we already know, without a good internet connection we cannot use anything that runs through the server.

If you do feel your internet connection may be creating the issue and you did check the connection then, you found, it is not working well then, please follow below the points for making strong of your internet connection.

  1. Go to the control panel and choose the option of network and sharing center.
  2. On the other side, you have to go troubleshoot problems that will get you under the option of changing your network settings.
  3. Go the internet connection option for making a strong internet connection.
  4. At the same window, go to the network adapter option for troubleshooting the wireless, Ethernet or other network adapters. If any problem included in that router that will be shown you automatically, after, the complete process.
    You can delete or scan the malicious software. After, all the following steps the issue of AOL Gold Icon not responding issue should be solved out easily.

Sometimes, we may face the AOL Gold not responding error due to malicious software, which has already installed in our system and we don't take care of that and do ignore constantly.

  1. Open the control panel first.
  2. From the drop-down list, select the option of manage another account from the user's window.
  3. Open a new user account option and create a new one then, check it's working or not.
  4. If your work will be done completely, then, you can use a new user.

Update on time AOL Gold Icon Software

Sometimes, the software needs updated features with the latest update some user gets known easily by its symptoms but others don't get understand.

  1. When AOL Gold Icon not responding problem then, it might be due to the outdated version.
  2. Please update the software with the latest updates and features and try to use it again.
  3. If your software gonna be outdated after some time, and you are not getting able to understand its prompts.

AOL GOLD Customer Support

If after reading our blog any person doesn’t getting understand or not getting solved the issue of AOL Gold Not Responding error then, the user can call on AOL Gold Customer Support Number for getting instant technician help.

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