How to eliminate the error “Bullguard main service is not running” error?

Bullguard antivirus keeps the systems and also other devices well protected from all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. But as it is software based on many advanced technologies and features therefore the users do get to face a lot of technical issues and problems which further hampers the working of the software.

If in case you need to fix “Bullguard the main service is not running” then for the resolution to that the user needs to get the software reinstalled for that the user should follow the below given steps-

  • Open the Bullguard welcome screen before starting with the installation process the user needs to agree with the end user license agreement.
  • If Bullguard is already running on your system then before starting with the reinstalling procedure you need to get it uninstalled from the system.
  • The user will need to restart as well as reboot the system in order to complete with the uninstalling procedure.

Once the reinstallation of the software will get completed the issue will automatically get resolved. This problem generally occurs when a windows update makes some changes in the regular running services and some Bullguard settings thus get overwritten and for more help Bullguard Contact Number Uk

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