How To Convert Your Airtime to Instant Cash with AimToGet

Are you involved in any venture (business or private) that involves you getting payment in airtime? Do you have a bulk load of airtime on your SIM (any network)? Do you know you can convert these accumulated airtime to cash?
Well, you can! And I will be showing you how. Often times, when people get stranded they request for airtime from family and friends in a bid to sell and get funds. In such cases, buyers of these airtime take advantage of your desperation, offering ridiculously low prices or worse, scamming you.
Now, you can avoid such a scenerio via the Aimtoget platform. With Aimtoget, you get to convert your airtime to cash instantly.

How Does AimToGet Work?

Aimtoget is the perfect platform to convert your accumulated airtime to instant cash, so how does it work? Follow the very simple steps below.
  • Register On aimtoget and get an automatic E-wallet - register HERE.
  • Navigate to "Transact Here".
  • Click on Fund E-wallet, and fund your E-wallet with airtime method.
  • Having successfully funded your wallet with airtime, click "Withdraw Funds"
  •  Withdraw your airtime funds to any Nigeria bank account.
The entire process is easy and seamless and you get your cash into your bank account instantly.

Hope you have found this information very helpful, kindly share with friends and family using the share button.


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