How To Connect PrestaShop account to Facebook

Link PrestaShop To Facebook | How To Connect PrestaShop account to Facebook: Do you know you can link your PrestaShop account to Facebook?

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This post is for those that have PrestaShop account and want to figure out the steps involved in how to get it linked to their Facebook account.
Before we shall proceed with the complete step by step guide on how to link PrestaShop account to Facebook, let me point out here that this integration is currently supported for PrestaShop versions 1.7 and 1.72.

Having pointed that out, note that if you're using PrestaShop for your website, you can set up a Facebook pixel without having to edit any of your website's code.

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To get started, go to the PrestaShop page in Events Manager and follow our guided instructions that help you select the pixel you want to use and enter your Facebook pixel ID in your account. You can also follow the instructions below.

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