You may have paid a high price if you recently purchased a laptop especially in this recession times, so it pays to put the device in a carrying bag which will protect it sufficiently. Whether you're packing a petite Lenovo or Acer laptop, a super-slim Ultrabook or a huge 17-inch laptop, there are lots of considerations to take into account when buying a laptop bag aside from mere protection.

We'll focus on the following:

  • Size and shape
  • pockets and protection
  • Comfort and Flexibility
  • Build quality
  • Disguising your valuables
  • Moving with Job Tools


Size and style

Any bag, backpack or messenger bag can hold a laptop. So why buy a bag designed specifically for the purpose? Laptops come in sizes from 11-inches to 17-inches, and there are bags specifically designed to take each and every size. Though most offer a compartment that's designed to hold a laptop that, for example, is 'up to' 17-inches in size, go for as close to the size you need as possible. An 11-inch model will rattle around a compartment sized for a larger laptop.

Style is up to you, but do make a decision about what kind of bag suits your lifestyle. Are you a backpack wearer or an over-the-shoulder messenger bag person ? Most people prefer one or the other, not both. Think about where you're going to be using it – backpacks are great for getting through airports quickly and for trips where you might be doing a lot of walking, while messenger bags can look more formal and professional during conferences or at meetings and also fashion-trendy)

Pockets/Compartments and Protection

The sole purpose of a laptop bag is to protect your device, and that means havin it fit as possible. As well as looking for laptop compartments designed specifically for the size of your laptop, choose a laptop bag that uses soft but firm fabrics for the lining, much as you would expect to find inside a laptop sleeve, such as neoprene (the stuff used to make wetsuits).

A good laptop bag will house not just your laptop, but your entire gadgets. Main things to Look out for; an easily accessible pocket on the front c – one is really useful for storing a portable battery – as well as a pen-holder or two. There should also be space for a coiled pair of earphones, and a clip somewhere to attach house keys. An additional pouch or pocket, or at the very least some room in the main compartment, should be able to store power cables and adaptors. Some laptop bags have compartments for storing sun shades to protect againt damage.


Comfort and Flexibility

If the style of laptop bag you choose needs carrying, the quality of the shoulder straps is all-important. You need something that's easy to carry, not painful and awkward.

If it's a backpack, look at the two shoulders straps, which should be padded(with foam) and adjustable, but also shaped so they curve from a join at the top of the bag to the sides at the bottom. Avoid models that have a tab at the top that lengthens the straps and pushes the entire strap system – and the bag itself – lower down your back; such models are surprisingly common, but will make you tired much more quickly.

For messenger bags, choose products with a shoulder strap that's both adjustable with a padded section that sits on your shoulder, which doesn't shift about as you walk. A grab handle is also useful if you'd like to carry it by the hands or, perhaps for business meetings. It's also useful for getting through airport security, and anywhere else where you need to grab and go.

Build quality

The quality of the bag' build is crucial if you want your bag to last. Make sure zips are of good quality – metallic if possible for both the zipper and the teeth. Avoid small, plastic zips. Their inevitable destruction will leave the bag useless and create free pass for thieves.

Make sure the bag uses fabric that's hard-wearing and water-resistant, such as ripstop nylon, ballistic nylon or neoprene. However, bear in mind that the better made, and more padded a laptop bag, the heavier it is likely to be before you even insert a 1kg laptop. A good laptop bag have padding only where it counts especially in case of drops or bumps, with no wastage of weight.

Disguising your valuables

You cherish your laptop, and you want to show it off to the world to let them know which tech tribe you're part of. If that's you, it's time to grow up and get your priorities right – if your laptop is your major productivity tool, you need to keep it safe. That means making it look as if you're not packing many gadgets.

As well as choosing a bag that has padding in case of bumps and drops, it's a great idea to disguise your laptop. There was the time when all laptop bags looked the same, making them easy targets for thieves and scoundrels. That's not the case anymore, with dozens of new designs that are more generic.

Some laptop bags offer disguise (in look) thereby diverting the attention or focus on your gadgets from thieves. From the distressed leather satchel and canvas bags with buckles to the classic ladies handbag that look like you're going shopping, it's possible for you to carry a laptop and much more without anyone noticing.

Moving with Job Tools

Though there are hundreds of laptop bags to choose from, most concentrate solely on the job at hand. If you're mostly on the move with multiple gadgets, it's wise to choose something that can take everything. Some are designed for Photographers to hold their tools these are the Camera backpacks.

Whatever the job, choose the laptop bag that meets your necessary needs.

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