How to choose ball mill and rod mill?

How to choose the ball mill and the rod mill is the question of the buyer's doubts. Let's take a detailed explanation and analysis on the psychology of our customers:

1. The rod mill is in line contact and the ball mill is in point contact;

2. The product size of the rod mill is more uniform than that of the ball mill, and the particle size of the ball mill product is smaller and finer;

3. The particle size distribution stacking efficiency of the ball mill is higher than that of the rod mill;

4. The wear rate of the rod is lower than the wear rate of the ball. The daily maintenance must be added with a certain amount of balls, and the rod only needs to be inspected and replaced within a period of time;

5. The power consumption of the ball mill is slightly larger than that of the rod mill;

6. The rod mill equipment adopts the advanced controllable in-and-out rod mill technology, and the actual grinding material is combined with the user's grinding material, and the surface contact of the traditional ball mill is changed to the line contact, so that the rod grinding machine is The discharge particle size is more uniform and the output is higher, and it is suitable for ore with different hardness (Mohs hardness 5.5~12).

7. The fineness of the discharge of the rod mill equipment can be changed by simple adjustment, the fineness control device can be arranged inside, the fineness control device can be arranged inside, the screening device can be added with the screening device, and the two passes to ensure that neither the overgrind nor the Disqualify the product into the finished product.

8. The rod grinding machine is available in both dry and wet forms. Users can choose according to their own needs. For the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, monazite and other products, the mill can be equipped with a magnetic separator to remove iron .

Preparing an aqueous coal slurry now seems most of the ball from the previous shift rod mill, to prepare a raw material slurry of alumina in the Bayer process to produce a rod mill, a ball mill was added swirler composition production process, widely used in mineral processing plants The grinding equipment is a ball mill and a rod mill. The rod mill is a common equipment for artificial sand making, and it is often a great advantage to reduce the amount of pulverization. In fact, when sand is artificially produced by a rod mill, the content of stone powder in the sand is not low or even high. Rod mills are being used more and more widely in various fields.

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