How to Catch Sizzlipede in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The perseverance of Game Freak to include a new aspect in Sword and Shield favors it to attain a lot of acclamation. Yet they have come again with the latest inclusion in their game; 81 new Pokémons to amaze the gamers.

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Although all the 81 Pokémons consider being a great Pokémon, in this article, we will focus only on one of them. Sizzlipede is the Pokémon whose location alongside catching tactics will be shared through this article. Gamers are eager to include Sizzlipede in their lineup due to its successor, Centiskorch. It is a rare and amazing Pokémon that possesses bug and fire types attacks; thus, it is a powerful combo of defender and attacker both.

This is the possible reason for the popularity of Sizzlipede. However, several gamers have stated that it is pretty easy to locate Sizzlipede, whereas several are facing issues in finding it. Thus, the article will facilitate them, and if you one of those users, then make sure that you read this article carefully to get rid of any mistake.

How to Find Sizzlipede

Gamers can easily locate Sizzlipede in Route 3, and they should know that Centiskorch is not available in the Galarian world. Players can only attain Centriskorch through the evolution of Sizzlipede. However, Sizzlipede has the least number of spawning rate, 1%, which often makes it difficult for the players to encounter it.

Besides, gamers can also encounter Sizzlipede in the Wild Section, where it can be easily detected by following Red Exclamation signs. The low spawning rate creates intricacy for the players, but there is a way by which gamers can enhance the spawning rate of Sizzlipede up to 50%.

How to Increase Spawn Rate of Sizzlipede

Players who are trying to locate Sizzlipede knows about the difficulty aspect of encountering it. Thus, there is a way to enhance its spawning rate, and there are few prerequisites for this process. The major one is Flash Fire; players require to use the Flash Fire to catch Sizzlipede.

Those who are not aware of Flash Fire, it is an ability that grants your player the potential to dodge Fire attacks alongside increase attacks of your Pokémon. The most promising feature of Flash Fire is that it crafts a tendency in your Pokémon, which allows them to spawn Fire-type Pokémon at an incredible rate of 50%.

How to Catch Sizzlipede

Gamers need to initiate this process by attaining Flash Fire and then use them to facilitate their preferred Pokémon. As we told above about the benefits of Flash Fire and once players upgrade their Pokémon with it. Soon after, they need to head to the Wild Area, and in a bit of time, they will surely encounter a Sizzlipede.

They need to use a Fire-type Pokémon against Sizzlipede because it will enhance the power of Flash Fire more. Vulpix is a recommended Pokémon for the players, and in case they are short of Vulpix, then they can go with other options too. Players should inflict severe damage to Sizzlipede and then catch it by using a Pokéball. Players who intend to evolve their Sizzlipede into Centiskorch need to know that it will automatically evolve after raising a level above 28.

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