How To Apply For The FIRS Tax Volunteer Job

Consider applying for the FIRS Tax Volunteer Job If you are a corps member currently serving in any of the tax offices of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, this may be a good avenue to gain a direct and permanent employment with the FIRS.

This is inconsonant with the promise by the Federal Government to recruit 7,500 graduates as Community Tax Liaison Officers to raise tax awareness among citizens.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service as part of its consolidation strategies, wish to engage the services of early starters with integrity, drive and desire to win professionally, to strengthen its workforce.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has been engaging the service of intelligent corps members as FIRS Tax Volunteer team who also rendered their one-year mandatory service to their nation through the NYSC scheme,

The engagement of the ex-corp members who served with the FIRS lasts for only 6 months but the good news is that it is subject to renewal at the expiration of the agreed period, the respective FIRS Tax Volunteer will be required to reapply again.

Your Salary As An FIRS Tax Volunteer Staff

The salary of the FIRS Tax Volunteer staff is above #50,000(Fifty Thousand Naira) with some other incentives and privileges

How Do I Apply For The FIRS Tax Volunteer Job?

Here you will need to write a job application letter, you can title it as ‘Application for FIRS Tax Volunteer’

address the letter to the Executive chairman, federal inland revenue service, Abuja.

you will also need to seek directives from the current serving FIRS Tax Volunteer in the tax office you are serving, attach your comprehensive Curriculum Vitae(CV) to the letter.

make a copy of the letter for acknowledgment purposes.

Please Note:

To ensure your letter is submitted at least two months before your passing out parade, though circular will be passed by the appropriate body of the FIRS to that effect, you may not wait for that before you submit your application.

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