Our number one passion is real estate, but when we need a break we turn to a guilty pleasure – Housing and Luxury Living TV show by FOW WORLD PROPERTIES & REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY and FOW WORLD MEDIA.

While most reality television is mindless, we always learn a thing or two from watching Housing and Luxury Living TV shows.

There is something to be said about watching top real estate agents closing deals, or first-time home buyers going through the search process or a taste of top class finishing both interior and exterior.

We definitely think it helps Housing and Luxury Living better serve our clients looking for all kind of condos for rent, expos to attend, properties to acquire or luxurious interior designed apartments.

Housing and Luxury Living on Fow Media features the hottest homes on the market, interior design tips and trends, and the latest in stylish living.

There are some local spinoffs, including Open House Luxury Living.

Each episode features different agents in different markets working with their client to find the perfect place.

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Comment by Mila on June 12, 2019 at 12:15pm

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Comment by BruceDorn on June 11, 2019 at 11:13am

I have seen many different interiors, but it seems to me that it is difficult to live a normal life in such apartments. Huge footage of the house and a different design means attentive care. Have you ever tried to clean a big house?

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