Hosting a Hijab Business: How Umrah Journey Led Me to be an Entrepreneur

Talking about life goals is easy, the most difficult part is to let your dreams come true in the best way possible.

Being a woman, you have to face different strands of difficulties than men. You have to work harder, but twice the effort in studying, jobs and other parts of life too.

For some life comes as easy as they want and for some, it's a cactus.

But every cactus has a good day right? So do I and every other girl out there who dares to dream much more.

Planning for my Dream Holiday

Residing with family is a good thing unless you are being constantly compared to your elder brother or sister for the successful person they are. Annoying right? It can sure irritate you even at times. Well, grow out of it! Yes, that's right!

Crying over something like that will only ruin your stamina so when I had the chance I went for a holiday tour around the world. The first stop I made was for Umrah. Setting my priorities straight, went for my life’s first Umrah Journey (with my brother) and it was an amazing experience. Spiritual enlightenment can do wonders on your soul and your mind as well.

My worries for the future just washed away when I realized how much life means more than just earning good grades. It was more than that.

Plans to Set up New Ventures

After the successful journey to the holy ground, I went to visit other countries on my list; Turkey, Rome, and Italy just made my adventurous journeys more exciting, granted even my brother could be a good travelling company.

On my way to Turkey, I realized two things, first, it's a beautiful country with equally amazing architecture and the second thing how Muslim Women had opened small shops for their home businesses. That idea excited me and hence since I wear hijab myself I thought I can experiment with being an entrepreneur! And soon it turned out that I had a nick for it too!

Travelling opens doors to your minds.”

It used to be just a statement, but it did have truth hidden in it. I came to unlock the healthy secret of going on a journey myself.



What Idea Got in my Mind

Travelling via Umrah packages with a travel agency, I realized one thing, finding the right hijab was difficult for me. I have this huge collection in my wardrobe but going on a spiritual journey had to be the perfect one. After completion of Umrah, I interviewed some of the female pilgrims (who were willing to talk to me) and their views were somewhat similar about how finding the right gown and hijab was of priority for them, something much useful in their daily lives.

And that’s how the new business idea was born!

My very own Chic Hijabs for Everyday Woman! As you all must be aware, the fashion industry in the Muslim world is changing, especially in countries where hijab is compulsory by law. Designers are making progress in changing fashion statements and hence I knew my idea was going to work.

Starting from my wardrobe I sold some of the items online to see the response. The hijabs were bought from souks in Saudi Arabia and were of fine quality.  Some were with floral patchworks while some were solid colors (and non-slippery) and came with built-in headcovers. Items sold off quickly and hence my experiment began.

Slowly but Gradual Success

Being a student, I couldn't start a whole new business at a high scale, but I gave time to my online products exclusively. Setting up the website and getting new hijabs became the major tasks. If an idea is saleable than its profits as well. My brother who I came to adore every time he is helpful, invested his money bringing tears to eyes and supported me a lot.

It was slow progress, but online customers increased with each month, though not many enough to cross the marginal point in my new business venture.

Working with some of the freelancers, we stitched some of the hijabs, using comfortable wool and cotton cloth that was comfortable for use in summer and outdoor activities like sports. It was a good start for the business.

Involving Family Heads into Business

As the online business prospered and profits started, my mother gave me some more ideas on how to go for predesigned hijab with beautiful embroideries and such. Therefore, I asked her to join me in the business too…I got my father involved in managing the accounts and it grew. sole entrepreneurship to a family business.

Success Makes You Smile More!

Dreaming a dream is not so much difficult after all. All it requires is strong will to make a difference in your life. Make realistic goals. No matter how small, your dreams are important. From my experience I learned that success is slow and gradual, you've got to be more patient than ever.

Make your wishes come true by believing in yourself.

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