Here is How Much That Industrial Piercing Will Hurt

Many people are apprehensive about getting an industrial Joint Pain Hack Review  piercing because they are concerned over the amount of pain involved. Here is information about the procedure and how much it will hurt.

Industrial piercing refers to a piercing procedure where two pierced holes are connected with a straight piece of jewelry. Industrial piercing is also referred to as scaffold piercing or even construction piercing.

This type of piercing is generally done on the upper ear cartilages. The first piercing is done at the top of the ear and the second piercing is further down the ear diagonal and opposite the first spot.

How Much Does it Hurt The amount of pain involved in getting an industrial piercing depends on each person's threshold for pain. But in general it is quick and considered only slightly more painful that a traditional piercing in an ear lobe. The big difference is that it is done twice-upper piercing and lower piercing.

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