Health Care Tips for Old Aged men (seniors)

Most of the men never enjoyed life after the age of 55 because of health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, neurological problems and cardio disorders. I will try my best to cover up the health issues which are mostly experienced by oldies and health acre tips for them. As we all know, body organs start behaving differently after the age of 50’s. But small changes in your lifestyle can help you a lot and you can experience same life like in your young age. Here are the lists of health problems that normally affect you in the old age.

Bone Disorder

Bone problem like osteoporosis is very common in the old age. It is very common to face bone problems like thinner bone and fragile bone. You need to add calcium rich foods in your daily diet to minimize the risk of bone problem like osteoporosis. Apart from that, exercise daily may give your bone strength and decrease the risk of broken bones.

Unhealthy weight

I know most of the seniors face unhealthy weight gain problems after the retirement. So it is important to maintain the healthy weight by eating healthy diet. Unhealthy body weight increases the risk of health problems like diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension. You can avoid sugary drinks or can replace with the water.

Neurological Disorder

Memory loss or other mental disorders are more commonly experienced by oldies. As we all know, Getting older is a natural process but our reflex and senses are also become sluggish with the age. Body cells and nerves can be damaged, which can leads to the erectile dysfunction. ED is a reproductive disorder in which they are unable to achieve or sustain the erection. The only medical solution is Generic Viagra for them which improve the blood supply and considered as safe. I always suggest my readers to consult with the neurologist before taking any kind of med.

Heart diseases

After the age of 55, it is necessary to maintain the health of cardiovascular system. You need to add more foods that are rich in Vitamin E. Never miss out to add mild products in your daily diet.  There are plenty of foods which are healthy in nature and provide strength to cardiovascular system. Here are the lists of foods that hold essential vitamins and minerals like Bananas, grapefruit, oranges etc.

Avoid Stress for better mental health

Stress not only disturbs mental health but also having bad impacts on the physical health. I will suggest you to choose Yoga classes or you can add breathing exercises in you exercise working routine. It helps a lot and also minimizes the risk of memory loss in the old age.

Apart from that, you can avoid drinking and smoking especially in the old age if want to minimizes risk of other problems.

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Comment by Lee Palmer on March 29, 2020 at 12:18pm

[quote] Apart from that, you can avoid drinking and smoking especially in the old age if want to minimizes risk of other problems. [/quote]

Hard not to agree, refusing from bad habits is a basic step to healthy life. As soon as I quitted cigarettes (in favor to vaping) I started to feel much better. By the way, vaping is not only safer, it is also cheaper, I just got an excellent evod battery for only 9$. 

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