Have You Tried Detox Foot Patches Yet

After you’ve logged a few years of eating well, exercising and living a clean, naturally sourced lifestyle, it’s easy to become complacent. You can start to think it’s OK to cheat on diets without any fear of major consequences (I’ve lost 58 pounds; what’s the big deal if I gain just one back?) This kind of thought can quickly turn into a trend, and result in a complete collapse of a once rigid and logical routine. It’s dangerous.


I say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, in order to inoculate myself from dangerous patterns of thought, I push myself to go in the opposite direction. I ask myself every day, “What else could I be doing to improve my regimen?


I thought I’d share a few things I’ve come up with. If you're like me, these tips might end up saving you some serious heartache and unnecessary health risks.

Yolks are where it’s at

One of the major innovations I came across to super-charge my ketogenic diet has to do with eggs. Ketogenesis is all about fat consumption. Sure, protein and green veggies play a big part in a healthy keto diet, but fat needs to be the main source of energy for your body. So, any hacks that increase quality fat and reduce everything else are good.


I spent the first year of my keto diet eating a lot of eggs; either for dinner or breakfast, spinach and cheese omelets were a staple. One day it occurred to me that I could be getting more out of my delicious egg habit. I started to make eggs yolk omelets.


By subtracting the egg whites, I made one of my meals into an ultimate keto powerhouse!


Though I am averse to the terminology, this really is “one weird trick” to kick your keto diet into a higher gear.

Fast and furious

Fasting is another epic innovation that I implemented in my routine. I have seen fantastic results in the past few months since I started eating once per day.


If you research this online, you’ll find that many have found success at losing weight and maintaining great energy levels through once-a-day eating.


If you think about it, our ancestor likely only ate once per day for millennia. Your prehistoric self probably woke up in the morning, hunted all day, then got back to the settlement late in the afternoon with a beast to cook and eat along with foraged fruits and veggies.


If our bodies evolved to accommodate this “one big meal per day” schedule, then that’s what should end up working well in your health routine. And, what-da-ya-know, for some people like me, it’s perfect!


If you’re a fellow health nomad, still searching for the perfect routine, intermittent fasting or once per day eating is well worth a try.

Detox hack and tack

I think it really sucks that our environment is full of chemical and heavy metals. Toxins invade every part of our lives, and it’s impossible to escape them.


The next best thing to completely escaping the toxins in our environment is taking as many of them out of our body. This is where detox comes in.


First, I should say that detoxing is not about magic solutions or cutting-edge science. Our bodies are great at detoxifying themselves. Organs like the kidneys, colon and liver are dedicated to cleaning our system every day. Good detox habits and supplements are quite simply products that help those organs do their work more effectively. Let that guide all of your decisions and you’ll succeed at detoxing.


Another little hack I recently discovered are foot patches. You stick detox foot patches onto your skin in the morning and peel them off in the evening.


Believe it or not, these little patches facilitate the removal of heavy metals and other chemicals from your body.


I get mine at this website. If you go there, they have a decent write-up explaining how the patches work and I highly encourage you to try them out to see what I am talking about. The foot patches are something you just gotta try.


Anyway, that’s what I have to say today. If you came here to buy hats, you now have a secondary mission that might end up even better than the prestige of a new lid.


Reference:  https://www.bodypure.us/

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