Hand of Path of Exile Thought and Motion

We will therefore add Breach to maps, and not to main levelling content. Breaches should have a 10% possibility to occur in maps automatically.

We will also put in a Sextant mod, offered at all tiers, that guarantees a minimum of one Breach will occur.

Breach features a number of unique things that fill various roles in builds.

We are very happy with most of these, though we Buy POE Currency are making some adjustments for the Hand of Wisdom and Action, along with the Hand of it.
Thought and Motion leading to it.

The added lightning damage of these weapons do not be global, all of which will instead only sign up for each specific weapon.

The values on the flat lightning damage will likely be POE Trade increased given their new restriction, to "1-5 lightning damage put into attacks per 10 intelligence on this weapon" on Hand.

Thought and Motion, and "1-10 lightning damage included with attacks per 10 intelligence with this particular weapon" on Hand of Wisdom and Action.

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