From Division 2 Boosting the first thing

These aren't personal attacks, I was reacted to by you, so I'm replying to you. And I never said his view was wrong, as I explained in my last comment. That linear brief demo for him was probably terrible, but I wouldn't go around telling as it was only one small tiny of a game others it was underwhelming. That's all I was trying to say. And when there was not an NDA, I would be more critical of the version and the game . You would then see that I too, irrespective of my own"fanboyism", can be very crucial and objective of the game. You jumped right into a conversation for no reason. That's your fault.

The snow gave The Division 2 Phoenix Credits a much more interesting atmosphere, combined with the idea of having shootouts in the center of roads, taking cover on cars and seeing the large buildings around. It had an atmosphere. It felt a bit like HEAT. Now, it is atmospheric. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was hugely atmospheric in its settings with incredible sound design. This was not. The colour variation isn't striking, either and is inferior. It doesn't have depth.

I'm fine with surroundings. If they're inventive. I love the cyberpunk genre and its own aesthetic as associated with Blade Runner, of a city of bad weather or snow, but stuffed with dark shadows combined and contrasted from the highly colored corporate advertisements along with neon signs that predict your attention. RAGE 2 does colour pretty nicely, IMO. Far Cry New Dawn does it very poorly, but the game seems fantastic either way. Metro Exodus retains its individuality and air by producing meticulous environments despite more color seen, while also having the cold and colorless environments as well, but all in beautiful appearances.

The thing is, It's kinda weird to whining that The Division 2 seems like the first one since I can kinda understand that since it is a match series. It's like complaining about most of Assassins creed looks exactly the exact same but the truth is, Assassins creed have crazy character changes, Story, Missions, Movements etc etc.. From Division 2 Boosting the first thing I thought of was" It looks the same as the first person" I played with each assassins creed sport and I never felt this way. I feel town like and like all they did was changing the environment. I was really excited and nearly pre ordered this match, Just saved 60$. It seems like hes playing the lowest quality I swear. . .You can not even see the end of the road Like, It actually takes me to realize whats round him and that just becomes evident when he gets near the feel. Very unsatisfactory.

I remember being so hyped for the Division 1 before discharge (particularly for the darkened zone) and being underwhelmed when the game really came. I'd spend hours a day going through seeing and forums trailer investigation movies, but being underwhelmed when the game finally released I didn't even purchase it stopped keeping up with it almost completely. Does anyone know if the Division 2 is worth looking into??

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