Fortnite world record broken for PC Squads kills - ft SpaceLyon, Replays, NickEh30, and TurkeyLips!

The world record for Squads eliminations in the Fortnite match on PC is broken, and it also was done so throughout the Fall Skirmish competition series.


A squad featuring FaZe Clan pro Fortnite Items player 'SpaceLyon,' FaZe Director 'Replays,' popular YouTuber 'NickEh30,' and free agent competitive player 'TurkeyLips' been able to put together 56 eliminations, without team killing, to set the revolutionary world record.

They beat the last "no team kill" PC world record of 54 eliminations, that was set by 100 Thieves' pro Fortnite team earlier in September.

According on the final scoreboard, the elimination breakdown went as follows: Replays (18), TurkeyLips (16), NickEh30 (13), and SpaceLyon (9).

As expected, all four players tweeted excitedly regarding amazing accomplishment, that was documented on both SpaceLyon's and Replays' streams.

This record-breaking performance took place because the four were completing their weekly Fall Skirmish trials generally known as 'Squads Goals,' by which players on the same Club get together to get as numerous eliminations as you possibly can.

The 56 eliminations will earn some serious points to the Lucky Llamas club, who currently sit in last place inside Club standings after week one, with just 275 points.

While other teams have were able to get 56 kills inside a single match before, nobody had done it without team killing up to now.

Although friendly fire is disabled in Fortnite Battle Royale, teammates could use the environment to remove each other and award themselves an added kill.

Nowadays, world record bids without any team killing are prioritized over ones that exploit that glitch, this is why this group's effort is the brand new PC Squads kill record. MMOAH is capable of providing a better service for Fortnite Items trading. have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.

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