There is difference between reconciliation and forgiveness. Reconciliation is the building of a trusting relationship and takes time. Forgiveness is the prerequisite for reconciliation. Forgiveness is always within your power, through the enabling of the spirit.

Forgiveness is granted, not earned. You choose to forgive and not wait until you are no longer hurt by what was done. Forgiveness is a servant of the will, not a prisoner of emotions. It is not easy: it may in fact be the hardest thing we ever do. But there is no option. Forgiveness is the will of God. Love is not a sentimental feeling. Rather it is sacrificial action. Love pays the ultimate price, which what the Savior did on the cross.

Many of us live and die with list written in our minds, if not on paper, it is a list of people, whom we believe have wronged, hurt, misused, misjudged, or mistreated us, Sometimes there are no specific names --- just a bitterness about life and people that poisons the spirit. The results are often less spectacular. The root of all these tragedies is an unforgiving spirit, a refusal to be let go a wrong suffered that locks an individual into a prison of his/her making, where resentment, bitterness, and anger become one’s constant companions. The lord Jesus dealt with the need to forgive on numerous occasions; His important message about the subject was given in form of a parable, the story of unforgiving servant found in Matthew 18: 21-35. Almost always, when we think about forgiveness, the spirit flashes names and faces across the screens of our minds----a spouse, a friend, a parent, a child, and an adversary.

The significant of this parable and story is how our heavenly Father will treat each of us unless we forgive our brothers and sisters from the bottom of heart.

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