The frame is the basic component of the filter press. The thrust plate and the pressure strip are at both ends. The beams on both sides connect the two parts. The beams are used to support the filter plate, filter frame and the compression plate.

(i). Thrust plate

Thrust plate is connected with the support to place one end of the filter press on the foundation. In the middle of the thrust plate of the box filter press, there are feed holes, four holes in the four corners. The holes in the upper two corners are the inlet of washing liquid or pressing gas, and the outlet in the lower two corners (undercurrent structure or filter outlet).

(ii). Compression plate

Compression plate is used to compress the filter plate frame, and the rollers on both sides are used to support the rolling of the compaction plate on the track of the beam.

(iii). Beam

It is a bearing component. According to the requirements of environmental protection, rigid polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, stainless steel or new anti-corrosion coatings can be selected.

vertical filter structure

Compression Devices

Manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression.

(i). Manual Compression

Screw type mechanical jack is used to push the compaction plate to press the filter plate.

(ii). Mechanical Compression

Mechanism compression devices consists of motor (equipped with advanced overload protector) reducer, gear pair, screw and fixed nut. When pressing, the motor rotates forward to drive the reducer and gear pair, so that the screw rod rotates in the fixed screw mother, and pushes the pressing plate to press the filter plate and the filter frame tightly.

(iii). Hydraulic Compression

Hydraulic compression devices consists of hydraulic station, cylinder, piston and piston rod. When the hydraulic pressure is pressed mechanically, the high pressure oil is supplied by the hydraulic station, and the component chamber composed of cylinder and piston is filled with oil. When the pressure is greater than the friction resistance of the pressure plate, the pressure plate slowly compresses the filter plate.

belt press structure

Filtration Devices

The filteration devices consists of filter plates, filter frames,  filter clothes and  filter press diaphragms. The two sides of the filter plate are covered by filter clothes. When a filter press diaphragm is needed, a set of filter plates are composed of a diaphragm plate and a side plate.

(i). Filtering Types

The types of filtrating is divided into open-flow filtrating and underflow filtrating.

A. Open-flow Filtrating: The outlet h*** under each filter plate is equipped with a water nozzle, and the filtrate flows intuitively from the water nozzle.

B. Underflow Filtrating: There are outlet holes under each filter plate. The outlet holes of several filter plates are connected to form an outlet channel, which is discharged by the pipeline connected with the outlet holes under the thrust plate.

(ii). Washing Methods

When filter cake needs washing, there are Open-flow unidirectional washing and bidirectional washing, Undercurrent-flow unidirectional washing and bidirectional washing.

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