FIFA's Policy of Government Non-interference in Football - A Miscalculated Policy

FIFA makes a very big mistake by using a blanket standard to judge every country, some countries FA is just too damn corrupt and Nigeria's FA makes a good case study for corruption in football adminsitration.

The guys in Nigeria's football federation are just a bunch of thieving bastards who won't let the ill gotten wealth they seek permit them make a decent judgment about how football should be run in Nigeria.

The former national coach (Amodu) had a long time to build a decent and competent national team but corruption and protection of vested interests won't permit him, and the FA in Nigeria gets the blame for this, it was at the FA office sometime last year that the safe containing over $200,000 was stolen and nobody was held accountable for that.

The rot and thieving in Nigeria's FA stinks to high heavens and FIFA can do nothing about it, so let Nigeria's government clean it up. Or does FIFA now endorse corruption?

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