No Baguas In The House


The Bagua is an all-powerful tool to ward off bad energies and poison arrows from your home, and they are expressly created to be hung at the exterior of one's home. Do not under any circumstances hang one inside your house as a form or decoration!


Cleanse Your Crystals

When you make a purchase of crystals for Feng Shui or healing purposes, do not immediately put them to use – remember to cleanse them for the best usage. Cleansing a

crystal is easy! Simply submerge your crystals in a basin of distilled water overnight and you're all set.


Some Feng Shui companies now provide crystal cleansing services gratis before they ship out their orders, but even this does not safeguard the natural energies of the crystals because during transit and shipping the item may have been opened up, examined and touched by officers. Therefore it is always good to stay safe and cleanse your crystals.


No Overhead Beams

Wooden overhead beams look attractive and are very popular, but they are very negative in terms of Feng Shui. Sleeping below a beam is especially detrimental because the

formation can affect your life in a serious, all-encompassing way. You can avoid the bad energies of the beams by moving them all together, or hang a cure at the beam. Wooden flutes, bamboo Feng Shui item makes and faceted crystals are all suitable for this purpose.


Cool Colors For Good Sleep and Rest

The most ideal bedroom is quiet, soothing and tranquil. Avoid ‘hot' colors such as yellows, oranges and reds in this area. You should also pay particular attention to framed images you place in your bedroom – for instance, do avoid grotesque images depicting violence and gore as well as aggressive images of animals.

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