The school provides the right atmosphere and direction for learning, but education comes from the inside - the mind. Education is not just about regurgitating facts from a book, or someone else’s opinion on a subject for the purpose of passing an examination (Collins, 2014). And as such in order to pass any exam at all, you need proper preparation especially the forthcoming NSCDC Screening exams for job applicants across Nigeria.

Every student would definitely want to succeed or pass in his/her examinations, whether it is just a continuous assessment test, terminal, final, aptitude or professional examination. However, not all do pass in their examination as they intend to. This may be due to a number of reasons, some of which are best known to the individual while others are totally unfamiliar to them. There are things which the student may or may not do, and he/she knows them very well, that may make him fail or succeed in his/her examination. There are also certain things which a student may or may not be doing, and he doesn't know that such have reasonable amount of positive impact towards his failure or success in that particular examination.

Numerous years of experience has equipped me with the idea and understanding towards the actualization or achievement of success in any examination. It is obvious that you take this into consideration so as to decide even before taking part in any examination.

Some years back, I was a victim of examination failure, not because I was not brilliant, but because I did not take those things into consideration. Now, I have taken time to learn from my mistakes and taken the precautionary measures to avoid a recurrence. That is what I want you too to note.

Failure in examination is not only limited to nursery, primary or secondary level. It goes beyond to tertiary institutions, even screening test for recruitment, etc. You will believe that after reading this book, the guidelines will give you a better sit-up to achieve success, even at first attempt in any kind of examination.

A student fails or gets less mark in examination because he or she does not know the factors or pay attention to the factors which makes him get high grades in exams. Students’ mental approach towards study, how much a student is particular about his studies, attendance in classes, method of preparing for exam, exam taking tactics and strategies, making good and helpful notes, direction of study, method of learning, memorizing, concentration, confidence and study related extra-curricular activities are the factors which make him succeed in any examination.

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