Having decieved us to accept Ebelemi for Ebere as our own in other to vote for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in the last april presidential election who turned out to abandon us to make way for status quo, i wish to advice that the Ohaneze Ndigbo, the South East governors and the Peoples democaratic party (PDP) who sold this dummy to every Igbo person should cover their face with shame over the sharing of political offices in the country.


In view of the ragging confusion going on amongst some of the PDP leaders and Ohaneze who were agitating for deputy Senate president, speaker of the House of Representatives while some few are going for Senate presidency without proper focus.


This makes me to wondered how any right-thinking person could claim that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation was important when there is an “imperial” chief of staff of the president, adding that in politics, symbols sometimes became more important than substance.


I saw this coming when i shouted that how can Ndigbo forget so easily what happened to them during the Biafra war from the same people that confiscated their properties and called it "abandoned Property" and sabotaged the effort to right the wrongs which brought about that civil war when they supported the federal government. It is high time we retrace out steps from this self-centered approach to politics as was played by the South-east governors and Ohaneze leaders, Ndigbos were missing in the order of national protocol of number one to four, which included the President, Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives.


It is a great disgrace to one of the most populous and hard working tribes in the country to go with nothing despite the five million votes (second after South-south) that was allocated to President Jonathan by the South-east leaders.The south west got united and voted out PDP and replaced them with their own progressive party, ACN, yet the president is still courting them with the proposed retention of Speaker of the House of representatives.


l can't but cry for my people, Ndigbo that the South-east governors, Ohaneze and the PDP leaders were coming out from a meeting where Senator David Mark was rated higher than Ndigbo as a whole. It is more painful when we recall that Ndigbo had always voted for the PDP since 1999. Ndigbo should stop marginalizing themselves. I believe what happened in Imo state should energize the youths now to have a say in who represent us in whatever position at the federal level since those we left with speaking for us decided to go for their own pockets to the detriments of the generality of the Igbo Nation. Let us the youth rise up now and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH like the Imo people did to Ikedi Ohakim.



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Comment by Benson Ndaji on May 16, 2011 at 1:14pm
Let us not conclude yet until the finality of everything since the Igbos are 'fighting' for PDP chairmanship.

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