Enjoy the stunning new look of the stadium

Madden NFL 18 achieved a visual effect of the great leap forward, with the strength of the Frostbite engine to create the unprecedented Madden series' best effort. Fans have come to expect that the games will run flawlessly and that they can focus their attention instead on the league’s superstars as they display their talents on the field NFL Coins. They see the results of this hard work in the action on the field. What they often don’t see are the hundreds of people behind the scenes who appear to effortlessly manage the many moving parts and the massive mix of personnel, technology and equipment. Enjoy the stunning new look of the cityscape of the stadium, and in the most realistic game so far, the NFL game scene is vividly recreated. NFL Game Operations conducts this symphony.

The performance takes scores of seemingly unrelated experts performing disparate tasks, all contributing to one goal — a perfectly executed football game. NFL Game Operations maintains a detailed checklist and timeline with specific instructions to make sure everything gets done. The home team tests and certifies that its playing field complies with NFL requirements on hardness, depth, evenness and other factors. Any problems with the surface must be fixed, retested and certified prior to gameday.

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