Enhancing the online presence through search engine optimization using Instagram

Is there any sign of social media in improving the search engine optimization?  For many, the question may appear to be somewhat vague. The famous phrase ‘the content is king' may make the people believe the content is everything when it comes to online marketing. However, you wonder to see the behavior of Google or any search engines when it leads you to social media sites when you type a person's name. So, if you have never paid due attention towards how social media can enhance your visibility online, it is time to harvest the benefits of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. 

Ways to use Instagram to help SEO

It requires no reiteration that Instagram is used by millions of people every day and that it is one of the most popular social media platforms for online marketing. The reputed brands or businesses have already made their presence here, and in fact, they enjoy the availability of massive viewers. However, making a real impact on and through Instagram is not an easy task. Instagram can prove to be a real help to SEO only if its tools and techniques are used meticulously. It may call for a long time and investment in reaching out to a large number of users or Instagram followers. Moreover, even after investing substantial time, money, and energy; there is no guarantee of success if the features of Instagram are not used correctly. However, the great and good news is that one can quickly learn the tools and techniques of Instagram to make it a real help to SEO. Here are some useful ways to use Instagram to help SEO:

  • Increasing the awareness of the brand

With Instagram features, anyone can become a professional photographer. Using the old filters and effects, one can easily transform even the simple photographs into awesome ones. There is no need to hire a professional photographer. However, it is essential that you have the willingness to click pictures. Again, you need to ensure that the photographs of the brand being promoted are visually appealing and ingraining.

The photos looking like advertisements may repel the viewers, so what one requires to maintain that the pictures look natural. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to use the hashtags to use in the right manner so that the users can conveniently narrow down the searches and your brand awareness increases in a spontaneous way.

  • Scheduled posting of photographs

Many of the people are of the view that their photos would be seen more if they frequently post them. It is important to post the pics, but it does not mean that you flood the Instagram account with photographs and force the brand on Instagram. Posting excessive photos may repel the viewers, and they may not respond or react with kindness.

What is required is to maintain a schedule. The photographed should be regulated in planned and consistent manner. Not only will this keep up the excitement of the viewers, but at the same time, it would cast right impact.

  • Engage the audience or followers

One of the best ways to engage is the audience is to organize the photography contest related to the brands. You can hold such a contest and choose the best photograph for a good prize. There is hardly anyone who is not interested in winning a contest. You can use the specific hashtag and let the users or the followers know about the contest in advance. The more the participation, the more is the promotion of your brand. Yes, you may have to spend some amount as you give away the prize, but this will eventually get your more followers and likes.

Getting more Instagram likes

Why are there so many likes to photograph? The attention of the Instagram users will spontaneously get drawn to see a large number of likes. However, the question that arises here is – how to get hundreds of likes? Speaking, it is not an easy task. It is not that easy to compete with the likes received by the well-established brands at Instagram. However, this is not impossible either. Using the right tactics, more likes can be achieved.

In recent days, the service providers for free Instagram likes have been highly popular amidst the people desiring to get faster success in Instagram marketing. In fact, it has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to improve SEO through Instagram. 

  • Staying involved with the Instagram users

One of the best benefits of the social media platforms is that they help the marketers remain connected with their audiences. The trust and confidence between the marketer and the audience get reinforced resulting into the conversion of the audience into customers.

There are various ways to stay connected and involved with the audience. The quality photographs and fun contests provide the right opportunity for increasing the involvement of the users or followers. Replying to the comments of the followers brings them closer strengthening the trust and bond. The hashtags can be used like the SEO keywords. Also, you can think of the terms or phrases rightly describing your brand and use them meticulously.

  • Following the followers

You may not have many followers if you are new to Instagram. However, it is not at all difficult to find the followers. They may not follow you instantly, but you can make them follow by following them. Yes, you can enter into the group of followers and gradually pull them towards you. This may take some time, but it would prove to be helpful in the SEO.

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Comment by Andrew Arst on January 14, 2019 at 12:23pm

I've tried to start using instagram for promoting my business a few times but turned out that it's not as effective as most people say. Or I just did something wrong even though I've just been following the instructions I found online. Anyway, I gave it up and now I focus on other ways.

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