energy saving methods of ZOZEN boiler gas steam boiler

Energy extenuative is a botheration that needs to be advised in industrial production, abnormally for industrial boilers, which can access the ability of thermal activity for industrial production. With the civic activity extenuative and ecology aegis behavior accept been implemented, the acceptable coal-fired industrial boilers accept been replaced by the accustomed gas steam boiler, and a anarchy in the acreage of activity extenuative and ecology aegis has been fabricated in the acreage of industrial thermal activity power.

In accession to transforming the acceptable industrial coal-fired boiler into a accustomed gas steam boiler, the measures can be taken to save activity in the operation of the accustomed gas steam boiler. In Wuxi, the boiler adjustment of the afterward accustomed gas steam boiler activity extenuative measures:

1, according to the industrial assembly needs the bulk of steam to a reasonable best of accustomed gas steam boiler ability appraisement and the boiler units, the two cases and the absolute use of the analogous bulk is top bankrupt accident is small, activity extenuative is obvious.

2, the ammunition and the air abounding contact: accepting the appropriate bulk of ammunition and the bulk of air constitutes the best arrangement of combustion, so as to advance the agitation ability of the fuel, and abbreviation emissions of communicable gases, accomplish the ambition of activity extenuative double.

3, abate the accustomed gas steam boiler flue gas temperature: abate the boiler flue gas temperature is able use of decay calefaction generated in the bankrupt gas in general, the ability of the frequently acclimated boiler 85-88%, flue gas temperature is 220-230. If you set the activity extenuative accessory and added use of smoke, smoke temperature alone to 140-150 degrees, the boiler ability can be added to 90-93%.

4, accretion and appliance of decay calefaction of the boiler water: calefaction barter through the use of connected calefaction in the water, advance the baptize accumulation temperature of the baptize in accession to the purpose of accustomed gas steam boiler.

At the aforementioned time, the measures of activity extenuative of the accustomed gas steam boiler can analytic balance the abridged baptize in the heating system, and the calefaction of the abridged baptize can be recovered and utilized.

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