Its time for Green Shopping mall. It’s time for Green system in the Shopping mall, some mega shopping mall in china, have started integrating LED light of 15 watt, replacing the traditional florescent Lamps of T5 and T8 which is 40 to 50 watts. The power saving cost for using LED T5 or T8 is huge, in regard to power cost bill for 40 watt florescent Lamps of T5 is 1$ per Watt, then multiply it by 40 watt, that is 40$. If replace with 15 watt of LED T5 is 1$ multiply it by 15 watt, that is 15$.

LED 15 watt and florescent Lamps of 40 watt have the same brightness; LED life is 40,000 hours, while florescent Lamps life span is 18,000 hours.

GHB Electric Automation has developed LED T5 and T8 control system for Green Shopping Mall. The picture here is the Green Shopping Mall system modules

for more information on LED light visit

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