En Masse Entertainment Prepares a Month of Amazing TERA Events to Mark Sixth Anniversary on PC

For TERA players on PC the month of May comes with a selection of in-game bonus events and En Masse hosted community events and purchases on En Masse Points (EMP) and story items, with secret mystery components of titanic proportions to be removed during the month. Players will look forward to in-game events spanning the return on the Buy Tera Items rare Terrons, bonus rewards from dungeons and battlegrounds, plus the brand new double guild rewards event!

“We couldn’t be happier sharing this milestone with your dedicated PC audience who began this journey around back when we first launched TERA,” said Senior Product Manager, Matt Denomme. “Between the recent launch of TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with the major Godsfall update on PC, TERA is celebrating its sixth anniversary hugely. And there are not any signs of stopping! We have plenty more exciting things planned for TERA in the remainder of 2018 and beyond. I can’t wait to share with you the next six years with the awesome players!”

The community team will probably be hosting events in the and away from game during the entire anniversary month, including new screenshot and loading screen art contests for creative TERA fans. En Masse staff are going to be in-game over the world during weekdays, excluding Monday May 28, providing anniversary scarves to Tera PS4 Items players who discover them politely request one. The team will probably be posting weekly updates detailing which servers and times they will probably be in-game handing the scarves out, so players ought to keep their eyes around the TERA homepage for his or her shot for the free short time goodie!

With greater than 26 million global users, and counting, TERA will continue to demonstrate its endurance and continuing growth amongst players of all around the world. The PC version remains to be the tentpole for that IP together with the recent console launches expanding the overall game experience to an alternative generation of platform players.

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