I ran into a couple of guys who made 50k Naira just referring friends and family to a Study in the US company here in Nigeria. I asked them these questions, I said

How legit is this company? And they said " they confirmed their legibility by calling all the schools they represent in the US and it was true".

I also asked them how guaranteed is the 50k referring fee? They said that's the company incentive for growth over the last couple of years

I consider this forum a family and thus if there is a good deal like this I will share it so we could be part and parcel of the good news. So if you know any friend or family member who wants to study in the US refer them to this company and once they get their admission and make payment to them you are sure of 50k. 

I also asked if the company issue visas but they guys said NO because the company does not interfere with the US counselors.   

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