East Coast Quake Reportedly Felt In Chicago

East Coast Quake Reportedly Felt In Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS) — The 5.9 magnitude earthquake that rattled the East Coast on Tuesday may have been felt here in Chicago.

Immediately after the quake hit in Virginia, the City of Chicago reported that they received several 911 calls about shaking and rattling in the city.

Several people in the northern suburbs, including Evanston, Skokie and Deerfield, reported feeling mild shaking in their offices.

University of Illinois geologist Steve Marshak told WBBM Newsradio it is absolutely possible for someone to have felt it in the Chicago area.

“It would not be unheard of if some of the vibrations were felt by people in the Midwest who happened to be in places where they are away from traffic noise,” Marshak said.

He said people likely felt a slight vibration. “It might be enough to catch your attention,” he said.

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