Draft Ibrahim Shekarau Movement (DISM)

7th January, 2010.



“Thus we have made of you an Ummah justly balanced,

that you might be witnesses over the Nations and the

Messenger a witness over yourselves….. (Quran: 2:143)”

By this verse of the holy Quran, we can say conflict is necessary amongst human beings in the cause of enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil; although such conflicts must not be personalized. It is the duty of every person to voice his/her opinion on matters of common interest and to oppose what he/she perceives to be wrong.

It is also in line with this Quranic provision that the Nigerian Constitution 1999 guarantees what it called “Right to freedom of expression and the press” under section 39 of the constitution. Therefore, the process of correcting any wrong should be free of any personal attacks, gossips, name calling etc

As such, it is against this background that I want to salute the courage and efforts made by Malam Ibrahim Shekarau Executive Governor of Kano State in reconciling with his political-god-father General Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR). To both of you I say congratulations and wish to remind you of Allah’s commandment thus:-

“But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that

would truly be an exercise of courageous will and

resolution in the conduct of affairs….(Quran:42:43)”

Having achieved this reconciliation, what next?

The next item on the agenda is the struggle for a new social order in the ANPP and Nigeria in general which must take into account the critical need for change in our country’s leadership. It is for this reason that all patriots must join hands together to reposition the ANPP for the challenges ahead. This means, for us to be able to tackle the National challenge, we must first try hard to put our house in order which in essence means laying the foundation for internal party democracy within the ANPP. To be able to convince Nigerians that “YES’’ we can, the party must always be heard loud and clear on issues such as unemployment, destitution, the current constitutional crisis brought about by the absence of an incapacitated President and the ravaging poverty our people are subjected to live with side by side scandalous opulence of a few.

Your Excellency, it is against this background that I feel compelled to intimate you on these pages about your Presidential ambition which some good thinking Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to draft you for the race. A lot of issues must have informed their decision but Malam you need not to forget that at your inauguration on May 29th 2003, you unfolded a 9 points agenda which includes:-

· Commitment to Sharia implementation

· Promoting the principles of honesty, probity, openness and transparency in government

· Leadership by example

· Human development

· Societal reorientation

· Realistic budgeting and budget discipline

· Harmonious co-existence among the three tiers of government

· Synergy among the various agencies of government and

· Priority attention to mass food production, water supply, security, health, environment, commerce and industry, women and youths as well as urban and rural infrastructural development.

How far have your government gone on all these areas listed above? Without a doubt, your government is doing all that is humanly possible to meet the aspirations of the common man and bridge the ever widening gap between the haves and the have not. Yet, a lot still needed to be done. From available statistical data, Kano’s social development index is amongst the lowest and maternal mortality rate is still very high. In the area of internal security, a lot needed to be done to ensure security to life and property in the state at large. Lest we forget, it was during your tenure that one of the world’s renowned Islamic clerics Sheikh Jaáfar Adam was killed. To date no clue about his killers nor has government said anything as a consolation to the Ummah. This means a lot is still left undone in the area of security though you may argue that it is a National problem because the central establishment has also failed in securing the lives of other Nigerians. That apart, what legacy do you intend to bequeath to Kano and succeeding generations especially now that His Royal Highness the Emir of Kano has anointed you the SARDAUNAN KANO?

True to type and to behave like the real Sardauna (of blessed memory) forget about the calls being made by Otunba Adebayo Adeniyi and his cohorts in the “Draft Ibrahim Shekarau Movement” (DISM) and concentrate on building a credible successor who will continue from where you stopped especially the Societal reorientation program. Not only that, seek to become a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This has two objectives; first you will consolidate your hold on the politics of Kano and your programs are likely to continue by the successive regime just as is happening in Lagos now between Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and his mentor Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu arguably the unbeatable combination in Lagos politics and by extension the South-West. Secondly, been in the Senate will give you the political exposure to be known by other politicians and Nigerians alike from across the Country and a chance for you to build bridges of understanding. Don’t be like Yar’Adua who got drafted unprepared by Aremu Obasanjo and the result today is anybody’s guess. Yar’Adua if you like, failed as a leader simply because he is unknown and has no personal contacts within the geo-political zones of this country hence his kitchen cabinet consists only of people from Katsina state whose main preoccupation is what to get and not what to offer. Nigeria is too big for that kind of self centeredness. So for you to succeed don’t be in a rush, Nigeria is greater than Kano state. There are still lessons to be learnt and your sojourn in the senate even for a single term will give you the needed impetus to climb to the top.

Just before you were anointed the Sardaunan Kano, the Owo Kingdom in Ondo State had honoured you with a chieftaincy title of “ASOLUDERU” of Owo land courtesy of Chief Jamiu Ekungba my findings revealed. Brother Jamiu must have beckoned on the old friendship of the Muslim Students Society (MSS) days to do this for you but traditional titles alone do not make a good President. We have a living example in General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida who during his reign as a Military Head of State was conferred with uncountable traditional titles yet, his regime turned out to be the worst in living memory in this country. Therefore, forget about amassing titles and do the right thing. Consolidate your hold on Kano politics such that by 2011, your successor will lead the next government failing which you may lose the state to a rogue government led by the PDP who without a doubt will undo all the good work you now have on ground, period! This is the likely thing to happen if you insist on going ahead with your Presidential ambition because your attention will be carried away by the quest for the presidency hence there will be little or no time for the state. If you lose Kano which is very probable, how do you get the centre?

To start with, who are your contacts in the South-East, South-West and South-South? For sure Chief Jamiu Ekungba is not a politician but a fine banker. So who are the political heavy weights in these zones that you have contacted? Are they reliable? The same question goes for the North Central, North-East and the North-West. How comfortable is Governor Ali Modu Sherif to your aspirations?

Your Excellency, forget about any promises made to you by Turai and Yar’Adua. It’s all about using you as a spoiler. Else, you that want to be President why should someone promise you Ambassadorial slot in the event you fail in your bid for the presidency. Whatever that means, it is now history because with the present health condition of Yar’Adua, he will not be fit to even contest for the councillorship of his ward not to talk of the presidency of this great country. Not again!

As a governor in Kano state a lot was expected from you and a lot is still being expected; but you may not have the solution to what in reality is a long list of very difficult perhaps intractable problems. If this assumption is correct, then I am right to request that you soft pedal on your presidential ambition for now and go for the senate which will amongst other things prepare you for the challenges ahead (2015). This has become very necessary because Nigeria today is in need of a strong, dogged leader who has the courage of conviction to pull the country out of the terrible social dislocation, misdirection and hopelessness the 10 years of irresponsible leadership by the PDP has thrown this country into. It is against this background that I want to remind Malam of the tradition of the prophet (SAW) which teaches that in matters of leadership, the needed skills come first, while faith remains to be required. This is best illustrated by the appointment of Amr ibn al-As by the Prophet (SAW) to led the Muslims, including the great Companions of the Prophet in the battle of “Thatu Salasil” just four months after embracing Islam. This was because Amr possessed better Military skills than the rest of his army. (See Ibn Taymiyya in his book “As-siyasa ash- Sharia”) Therefore, I expect Malam to remain guided by this hadith.

Finally, it is my prayer that the Northern establishment will also allow the fear of Allah guide its affairs hence forth so that we don’t fall prey once again to the kind of catastrophe we pushed ourselves into courtesy of the YarÁdua presidency all out of share selfishness and vindictive tendencies of the old order. So help us God!

Muhammad Ali

Email:- muhseenali37@yahoo.com

0803 314 7562

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