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In Wildscapes you need to create a zoo that consists of dozens of endearing animals. A man named Zack will welcome the visitors cordially to your zoo’s majestic opening. He will also guide you in the course of the play regarding how to boost up your score level.

As soon as the game begins, you will require coins to fill the empty zoo with animals, attractive spots and other things that are necessary to garnish it. Tap a blue button that appears on the right side of the screen to win some coins. Then you must match 3 equal pieces in a line to accomplish all goals in the first level.

Boosters Unlock All Animals

While playing Wildscapes, you will discover the presence of boosters that are exceptionally designed for animals. Make use of those boosters to boost your creative experience in the course of playing the game. You must finish the tasks which are related to the satisfaction of the visitors catering to their specific faceb requirements.

Decorate Your Zoo

With the money earned each time you play, you can unlock decorative items for the zoo. Build more and more habitats suitable for each of your animals. A polar bear family and penguins need an ice lake. Hippos love a clean lake. Animals desperately need a natural habitat. Plant lots of trees to help fresh air.

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