Double XP Weekend, Balthazar's Big Raffle and Areas Galore!

We're closing Aug and starting September having a bang! This weekend will be the highlight of your yr, with double XP and also the start of the September Raffle!

Balthazar's Big Raffle is time for RuneScape on September first and running until Oct 5th.

Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouch Darts are of course still shared, along with a plethora of some other prizes.

But wait, there is more! Since the last period Balthazar has been gracing take a look at the Burthope Lodestone --(Related RS Site) he has been training their Dungeoneering skill; he's pleased to announce that this year this individual spent his Dungeoneering bridal party, added some sparkle and it is offering the elusive Fantastic Chaotics!

So , what do you have to do? Well it couldn't become simpler, collect one ticketed each day from Balthazar through the Burthorpe lodestone. You can also get one extra ticket with just a daily challenge.

Each ticketed gives you one shot at our own rare, limited edition reward of the day once handed within:

Day Item Quantity
Mon Golden Godswords 2, five hundred
Tuesday Two portable down payment boxes 40, 000
Wednesday 3 large protean packs 20, 000
Thursday Golden Warpriest shield set 5, 000
Friday A few deathtouched darts 20, 000
Tuesday Golden Barrows (Guthans, Ahrims, Veracs, Akrisae, Dharoks, Karils and Torags) 7000
Sunday Golden Chaotics (Rapiers, Longswords, Paws, Spear, Staff and Crossbow - we've even bundled the offhand versions! )3, 500

Don't be too low if you're not a winner: you are going to still get your hands on a channel lamp - one per unsuccessful ticket.

Have a beat at each prize or conserve for that one, special piece you've had your eyesight on. It's up to you the method that you use your tickets.

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