DOT Changes in Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

As the discharge date for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath gets closer and closer, fans on the popular ARPG are rolling up their sleeves and putting their theorycrafting hats on. And for good reason. Lots of features and mechanics will be revamped, overhauled, and adjusted, and one with the most significant these changes can be purchased in the form of a robust nerf for the game’s damage after a while (DOT) calculations. To compensate to the nerf, individuals at Buy Chaos Orb Grinding Gear Games have added eleven new support gems. From what we should can tell, the dev team desires to encourage a playstyle that is targeted on combining support gems and DOT abilities, as well as making it a little more difficult for these abilities to scale. Let’s take a look, friends.

The method in which DOT currently is calculated in Path of Exile is fundamentally broken, and possesses been because the game was already released. Let’s use poison as one example, and assume a 100% possiblity to poison to generate our calculations a little easier. Currently, poison scales off chaos damage, so you’ll often work with an ability that does chaos damage, or utilize Added Chaos damage gem. In other words, you’ll mostly do chaos damage with both your initial plus your DOT hits by using an enemy.

Here’s how you will calculate the injury of your initial hit. First, you tally up the flat damage dealt from your ability plus flat modifiers. If the ability dealt a base of 60 damage so you had Added Chaos Damage contributing a different 40 base damage, you’d be dealing 100 damage per hit before percentage modifiers. Then you move through and add together the modifiers out of your abilities and tree. Percentage changes are typical applied on the Buy POE Items base damage total, to enable them to be added up and applied at the same time. Let’s there is a +50% bonus chaos damage modifier from the tree. 100 base damage in addition to the 50% bonus can be 150 damage. Pretty easy, right?

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