Does stretching make you shorter?

I am an achiever and go-getter! No way I was going to settle with another career except for modeling. I just wanted to be there. I visited several agencies, cities burned on time and money. What I could hear was “a little short”, more than the word “short” I started hating the word a “little”. I was breaking and one day I was having a coffee in a cafe near my place a young man approached me and said you are very beautiful, are you a model? I told him not yet but maybe one day and walked out of that place making my mind I will become tall. If there is a way will find it for sure. Sometimes small instances can give you the kick to become strong and hard work is never wasted.

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Comment by Max Jones on August 11, 2019 at 6:01am

I think it doesnt make you shorter. its a hype

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