Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth details and screenshots: female protagonist, Digimon Capture, more

Bandai Namco has released new screenshots and information on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth following the overall game’s recent weeks of magazine coverage.
Get the data below.
Protagonist (Female)
The heroine, curious after hearing rumors of hackers from the streets. One day, she gets a Digimon capture device referred to as the “Digimon Capture” from someone she met in?a web-based chat room, and travels towards the lowest layer of cyberspace to gauge the rumor.
But because of the sudden malfunction inside the system, a part of her mental details are corrupted, causing her body learning to be a half-digitized “Data Body.”
At duration, data from cyberspace has started materializing from the real world, and a bizarre phenomenon begins.
Nokia Shiramine
A young daughter who establishes a psychological bond while using Digimon she meets. Her motto is “Be the modification you want to become.” And while she might appear like she’s down, she’s generally quite positive. She puts over a tough front, but is in fact easily scared. But although she’s afraid on the ‘ghost boy’ rumored on the net lately, her involvement in Digimon brings her to its lowest layer.
Arata Sanada
A former high quality hacker as well as a big brother among his peers. Like Nokia, Arata can be a young man the protagonist meets during a web based chat. He carries a carefree behavior and infrequently speaks in riddles. His larger-ness arises from his Digimon Masters Online Currency attending to the younger protagonists. Though he was obviously a big time hacker inside past, he doesn’t speak much over it.
Lowest Layer of Cyberspace
In the minimum layer of cyberspace, various information is discarded and gathered, as being a cesspool of garbage. A mysterious person that this protagonist meets in a web based chat asks to meet up with him/her. They find Nokia and Arata for the meeting place, too, but…
Digimon Capture
In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, players can travel having a number of Digimon alongside them. You’ll have the capacity to collect various Digimon and try to become to strongest hacker.
As you explore dungeons, you’ll encounter other Digimon to address, either wandering about them selves or controlled by enemy hackers.
When a battle starts, the Digimon Capture device automatically begins by scanning and collecting the data on the enemy Digimon. You can scan a lot of information from weak Digimon all at one time, but stronger Digimon need being scanned more often than not.
Once you’ve gathered 100 percent of your Digimon’s data, which you’ll accumulate any time you encounter a similar Digimon, it is possible to then convert the Digimon into an ally. Training your Digimon will digivolve them into stronger Digimon, like Gabumon to Garurumon. A Digimon will digivolve according to its level and ability scores.
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