The word Talent is a natural endowment or ability of superior quality, it is derived from a Greek word “talanton” which means scale or balance, and then I can define talent as the scale with which our success in life can be determined. This amazing scale by which we can use to pursue our God given purpose must be understood, if our balance will be determined by it then it will be a value worth chasing as described in Matthew 25:15-30.

Discovering your talent is the paramount responsibility of all. Some talents are innate while others are latent so it takes a careful effort of spotting these talents and harnessing them, you can know your talent from what you enjoy doing and getting results from with relative ease, you can also do by what you have a passion for-that-which you can even do for free. The key ingredients in spotting any talent are passion, joy, flair and fulfillment any thing that is a talent must bring along with it these values; this is an experience that endures, pouching talent is not just the fundamental to success, after which you turn your talent into a skill; which is the learnt capacity to carry out pre-determined result often with minimum outlay of energy, time or both. Skill is the ability to make your talent productive…

In developing your potentials you need to first discover your talent or rather know what you have talent for and then you move ahead to turning it to skill by enhancing your capacity to learn;
We do not pay bill with talent but rather skill, we do not earn a living with our talent rather with skill. It is what the world will pay and know you for. Skills will not only give you result but also do that in a record time and energy dispensability, talent is discovered while skill is developed. Let us turn our talent into skill and impact our generation. What we have is a very talented generation with genuine gift wasting away, you can have a talent of humor but you need skill to be a comedian. You can have a sonorous voice but you need to turn it into skill to be a musical icon. I have a talent of expression then had to build a skill in writing that’s why you are going through this piece.

After you have turn your talent to skill you still need to go further in packaging the skill that is been built this is when education comes to prominence polishing the skill to glitter. It is the veritable tool for success, this is what differentiate the good and the great, in what ever is done a sense of exposure is needed an high level of education is relevant in doing exploit with ones gift. You are born to dominate, destined to rule but all these will not come true if you refuse to develop your talent then you go ahead to create your style and make a statement with that gift God has given you do not go to the grave with it untapped resources, your generation needs you, your generation needs your gift we are waiting for your manifestation don’t let us down…

My prayer for you is that you don’t die with your music inside of you, polish your talent and rule your world.

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