IT Engineering is a profession in which scientific and empirical knowledge is applied for the optimal conversion of materials and forces of nature into practical uses for humanity, as well as the invention, improvement and use of industrial technology, and the resolution of technical-social problems.

This discipline is also considered as an art , because the imaginative and creative capacity of the human being stands out to conceive things that do not yet exist, and it is through the application of his scientific knowledge that he transforms those ideas into action or into a reality .

Engineering is related in a certain way to the areas of research, design, production, development, construction, administration, sales, commerce, operation, among others. The person who has received professional training in this discipline is known as an engineer ; However, other people such as technicians, inspectors or designers in the same way apply scientific and engineering techniques to solve technical and real problems.

Currently there are many fields or specializations of engineering, among which we have: chemical , electrical, mechanical , industrial, civil, petrochemical, agricultural, biological, telecommunication, systems, petroleum, materials, polymers, etc. The engineer who develops his activity in his branch, must have basic knowledge of other related areas, since many problems that arise in engineering are complex and interrelated.

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