Dame Parajumpers Jakker to invite neighbors

Dame Parajumpers Jakker to invite neighbors
Dame Parajumpers JakkerOf course, the main or the main home to invite neighbors to sit, eat a New Year's Eve. Usually not together, come back with a year of harvest, and then chatter next year's idea. Each pig Parajumpers Jakker fed at least three hundred catties up, the big year down to 500 kilos.

A knife down, that a full four inches thick on the back, this is a test Cupress cooking knife. To cut a Dame Parajumpers Jakker thick piece of meat less meat as thin as possible, and chopsticks in the flash (trembling), but also saw the HERRE Parajumpers Jakker light across to succeed. The meat is usually half a foot long, put the meat in the bowl can extend out of the bowl. Herre Parajumpers Jakker Norge

This place does not produce rice, rice, usually eat the rice is sold in exchange for the local herbs. People are less extensive, mountain forest area, all kinds of trees in the mountains have, every year in the mountains of herbs dug constantly. Wild Tianma, Xiangru, Bupleurum, Asarum, Campanulaceae Dame Parajumpers Jakker and more, as long as it is to understand the mountain people go back and forth early Parajumpers Jakker Norge every evening trip, one day the harvest is also a hundred kilos of rice prices. Unfortunately, the vast majority of young people in the village go out to work now, despising these little ones. That is to see the outside world can be seen, long experience, about a few people with the road, a few years down, young people in the village gone.

Dame Parajumpers Jakker
HERRE Parajumpers Jakker

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