Critically Analyzing a Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

A sample compare and contrast essay helps students to formulate ideas about their topic.

While students prepare to write their own comparison between any two personalities or situations, they must look at a sample compare and contrast essay to get a clear idea of the essay structure that they should inculcate while presenting their paper. The sample also guides the students on the possible mistakes that they should avoid as well as the common errors which they may commit while writing their own compare and contrast essay.

For example, if the students are comparing the physical properties of certain elements while writing an essay on the physics or chemistry subjects, it is quite possible that they would unknowingly include the features involving their chemical properties as well. This would prove to be a negative score for most of the students, as it means drifting away from the main topic of their comparative analysis paper.

Hence, going through a sample compare and contrast essay helps students to get guidance on the methods involved to remain focused on their topic. However, the following guidelines are a set of instructions that the students should follow to check the reliability of a sample, so that they can use it for their academic essay assignment. At the same time, t is essential for the students to go through other papers like an analytical essay or a book review essay to understand the technique involved in writing an excellent essay.

By the way, many essay writing companies often place on their websites ready-made examples by which a student can learn to write his papers. But, choosing such a company, do not forget to read reviews about them on various sites and forums, for example, edubirdie reddit.

Both objects must have equal attention

It is essential to compare any two given objects on equal terms. Therefore writing their own essay the students should try to write an equal number of words describing each object. Hence, any good sample would adhere to this feature, while making the comparison of a certain characteristic that applies to both objects. For example, the students may be asked to write an essay comparing the two artists that are famous for doing excellent work in a particular field. The students must present the attributes of both artists in detail. It is still better if the works of  the two artists are compared in a chart while referring to their quality of work feature by feature.

Hence the sample compare and contrast essay should be fair to both objects, as neglecting one at the cost of writing more on the other object would deviate the writer from the  prime function of just comparison. Narration should be consistent

The students can also look at a descriptive essay to understand the importance of writing a coherent paper.

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