Whats love? Who should we love? How should one love? Why do people blame their tears, pains and joy on love, should an invisible emotion(love) have so much power on us all. Both rich and poor, strong and weak. All this are questions that you and i seek answers and solutions for. But the more solutions we think we have, double questions and problems seem to be generated. The question is must we always look for the unknown; solve for X and ask Y when Z is still unknown. Love is not a problem, love is a sweet air that we breath is part of us, we are all a product of love; for God so love the world(you and i) thats why we breath the air we breath. The child you have is a product of love either now or at a point in life, that is either you love the woman or only her sex organ its still love. Love gave birth to us, love kept us strong and it gives us hope. We cant know or understand love, all we need is to believe, give and accept love.

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