Content Marketing Course for Small and Medium Business

In the wake of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Content Marketing takes on a whole new level of importance. Of course, internet marketers have been writing content for years, but now legitimate content creators have a new voice and a new complex strategy to develop. In SEO, articles are written to build authority and to generate inbound links; in Social Media, blog posts are generated, LinkedIn articles are written, Facebook posts are carefully crafted. In this course, Content Marketing experts Michael and Adeyemi will take you through all the aspects of Content Marketing. From identifying avenues to developing content to measuring results, Michael offers a comprehensive insight into all aspects of this very important Internet marketing tool.


Content Marketing (6.5 hours)

What Is Content Marketing?

With the emergence of social media and search, content marketing has new opportunities for finding an audience. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t understand how content can be utilized on the web. This introduction will show you how using a variety of channels to create powerful content can dramatically change the way consumers see your company.

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