Christian Nutrition For Weight Loss and Genuine Health

Over the years I have met many incredible people who have dedicated their  Gluco Neuro Reviewl ives to serving God. Unfortunately, I have also noticed that some of them abuse their bodies and their health until they become run-down and diseased. I know this may sound harsh, but I believe this type of self-abusive behavior is a slap in God's face, and I think for true change to occur it's critical that our leaders set a good example in this area. According to Henry Brinton in an article in the USA today, He said:

"The clergy are among the worst role models when it comes to physical fitness. A 2001 national survey of more than 3,000 religious leaders, conducted by the Pulpit and Pew project at Duke Divinity School, found that 76% of Christian clergy are either overweight or obese (compared with 61% of the general population). Treatments of back problems and high blood pressure have been the top claims paid by the Southern Baptist Convention's health insurance program in recent years - ailments often resulting from obesity or a sedentary lifestyle."

Our bodies are one of the greatest gifts God has given us and out of respect for that gift we owe it to Him to take care of ourselves. How can we consider ourselves good and faithful stewards if we do not take care of the property God gave us? How would you feel if you made an expensive gift for someone you loved and they destroyed it? I'm sure you would be hurt, and feel they took your hard work and generosity for granted. How do you think God feels when we do not take care of the body He gave us? Take a moment to look at this situation from another angle, think about how you would feel if you had a son or a daughter who was suffering intensely because of their weight problem.

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