Check NECO RESULTS 2015/2016 on www:mynecoexams:com | 2015 NECO result out?

The procedures of checking NECO Results has always remained the same over the years and we have helped students who do not know how to print our their results by posting very easy methods and steps on how to check and print out their WAEC Result and NECO result 2015. This year is not left out because we have just rolled out another support article on how tho check this year's results online.
To check your result, follow the five (5) simple steps above. You can also email or print your result 

NECO Scratch Cards are available in all NECO offices and other retail outlets

Easy Steps - How To Check NECO Results
1.     Select year Examination Type
2.     Select year of examination
3.     Enter your card PIN number
4.     Enter your Examination Number
5.     Click on "Check My Result" button
Enter your details in the boxes provided on NECO website - With correct details, your result will be displayed.
Result Checker
Type:    Select from the drop down: June/July, Nov/Dec, JSCE, NCEE
Exam Yr:    Select the year of examination: 2000 - 2016
Pin No:    Enter the pin from the NECO scratch card purchased from any NECO office
Exam No:    Enter your examination number which includes exam center and seat number
Click on Check My Result

You can now print out your result by clicking on the Print Icon on the NECO website page or use your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+P.

Select your printer connected to your computer and click OK. (Your result will be printed)

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