Cheap and Free Internet MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile Data Offer for Android, PC, IPhone in 2018

Cheap and Free Internet MTN, Airtel, GLO & 9mobile Data Offer for Android, PC, IPhone in 2018

Are you looking for cheap offers from the four giant networks in Nigeria: Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile? Are you stranded and need to get something light to access the internet with the speed of light? Wow! You have it right in this article.

Opting for the normal data plans every day, weeks and months can extremely consume a lot of money. In fact, it’s not pocket-friendly. However, you need to have alternatives to always backup your normal data plan, which are obviously the cheap or free offers.

Some offers can work efficiently and consistently on Android, PC (using modems), iPhone, tablets and even PSP consoles, while some are restricted for a specific device.

Moreover, you can equally figure out the volume of data you consumes daily and strictly stick to one of the offer in order to yield benefits.

MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel Cheap or Free Data Offers

1. 9mobile N200 for 1GB Bonus Offer

This offer is specially designed for both existing or new subscribers using 9mobile network but it based on eligibility.

To verify your eligibility, simply dial 92910# without having any credit (0.0KB) on your phone, you’ll receive an SMS saying “You have insufficient balance….“ but if otherwise, kindly note that you aren’t eligible to activate the offer.

To activate the special bonus offer, dial 92910# and enjoy your specially designed bonus that will definitely suite and help you cut off half of your bills. Valid for 3 days.

2. MTN 2000% Instant Bonus Offer

This bonus is mainly constructed for the old dormant customers on the network or who might have probably moved to other networks.

So, kindly look for your MTN SIM that has been dormant for over 45 days i.e the SIM must have not been used for calls, browsing or any chargeable activity for 45 days and above. Then, recharges from N100 or above will give you 20 times value of your recharge for the next 3 months. Assuming, you recharged N100, you’ll get N2,000, recharge of N200 gives N4,000, recharge of N400 gives 6,000 and so on.

The money recharged won’t be touched, the 500% will be used for calls and 1500% will be used for data. You can check your bonus by dialling 55965# and that’s all.

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