Celebrating the Small and Even the Minuscule: Success Might Be Slow, But It's Faster Than Stagnati

This perfect/awful thinking supposedly drives us to be perfect, which Speak and Inspire is an impossibility, so we inevitably label ourselves as "failures." Those of us who are recovering perfectionists know well the mantra of the dieter who has crossed to the dark side: "As long as I blew it, I might as well really blow it! I can start again tomorrow." (or "Monday," or "next year"...) Once I have failed, I might as well get all of the "failing" out of my system, cleaning myself so I will be ready for to be perfect next time (ignoring the fact that it too will end up the same way).

Success in anything is rarely cut and dried. Rather the definition varies from one person to the next; sometimes even within oneself, depending on circumstances. Success is fluid; it requires parsing and nuance. More times than not, it is a two-step forward, one-step backward progression. In the sphere of success, one does not have it one day, lose it the next, regain it the third. She is more successful than she is not, learns from mistakes, makes adjustments - and therefore moves in a generally successful direction. Successful people have setbacks; the difference is they don't see them as the end of the line.

Only in mathematics and science, can lines can be clearly drawn. Two plus two will always equal four. In matters related of the heart and mind, crystal clear, straight-line delineation is not possible. We are not rigid robotroids fitting precision machined, pre-ordained molds. One cannot apply a formula to us and expect an exact result. We are too complex - and too human - for that.

Many people find that the journey to success is filled with obstacles. The journey is also a long and harsh one. This cause many people to drop out along the way and failed to taste the success that they desire.However, you can shorten the journey and make it a much faster process to reach the level of success that you desire. Most people don't do these activities and this is why they make themselves suffer so much in the journey. Here are the top 3 mistakes that make most people give up on their quest for success.


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