Examination malpractice has become a canker-worm that has eaten deep into the academic lives of students in Nigeria. This practice has caused a lot of harm in the country that few of it are not far-fetched which are: laxity on the part of the students, poor supervision of examinations, poor educational background, societal stigmatization and fear of failure.

In the area of laxity on the part of the students, students don’t show seriousness in their study, they spend most of their time playing games, watching television, even hanging out with their peer group whereby they don’t mind or think of reading their books and doing class works or assessment given to them by their teachers which at the end of the day gives them the mindset of relying on examination malpractice. Aside the laxity on the part of the student being high; the educational background should also be considered.

The educational backgrounds of the students also play a vital role in determining the success and failure of the students. Primary school is the foundational level of education which should provide basic and quality education. The student might not have gone through a school with qualified teachers, in a situation whereby the teachers don’t carry out their responsibilities of directing and teaching the students, this would affect the academic performance of pupils. Schools in Nigeria are experiencing inadequate teaching and learning facilities that would aid teaching and learning process thereby resulting in examination malpractice as teachers and students would device means of covering their academic deficiencies.
Societal stigmatization is also one of the setback students’ faces in the society, this is a state of affairs whereby parents or guardians don’t motivate and encourage their children in their studies, but rather they insult or talk negative of his or her academic weaknesses which make them think of other unconventional means to succeed. These students can also be influenced by their peer group and friends at school since they imagine their friends succeeding without stress, they also will like to be successful thereby indulging in examination malpractice.

Fear of failure is another reason for engaging in unlawful acts during examination as some students fails to prepare ahead after frittering away his or her time having fun and doing other activities caring less about the examination until its close, they get incise with fear of failing, repeating that same class or even losing the opportunity for that reason resulting to examination malpractice in order to overcome the fear.

However, the examination bodies still have an imperative role to play by supervising the examination well, in a condition whereby the supervisor has less supervision skills to observe the behavior of students in the examination hall, the students see it as a golden opportunity to take advantage of the supervisor’s weakness to engage in examination malpractice. Poor supervision is also a factor due to the laziness of the supervisor and extortion of money from students to allow them cheat from textbooks, notebooks, key points and use of phones which aids them in examination malpractice.

These problems can also be taken care of by the students, schools, government and the society in general. Students can help themselves by reading, paying attention in class and asking questions whenever they don’t understand what they are being taught. Parents should always check their children academic life to know where they lack and also make available required learning materials and should also make time for their children to read and understand. Schools are to provide adequate teaching and learning facilities so that students can assimilate what they are being taught, they can also systematize quiz competition and debate among students. The government should make laws guiding the school system basically on examination malpractice and their punishment if disobeyed while the society should discontinue stigmatization.

This case should be taken care of as soon as possible because as they say “A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”, so that the Nigeria’s educational system will be untiring to produce the leaders of tomorrow, that will make the society a better place to live in and be useful to the nation.

Written by:
Maduadichie Chimaobi

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