Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) has rolled out the timetable and schedule of activities for 2011 elections. Today many issues and situations are now
taking place some which bare a strong resemblance to things in the past.

The question whether history is really our teacher can be found in these similarities, the history of our country and the experiences of the past are events from which we can
learn. Does the past provide lessons for the present, guidance for future? In
addition to telling us who we are, does history help we know what to do. If
people actually learned from history, they wouldn’t make the same mistakes,
their own or others; that have been made before. Those who forget history are
doomed to repeat it and those who ignore are trying to repeat it.

The timetable and schedule of activities for 2011 elections is the heart of most important lesson history wants to teach us, and that lesson can be summed up in two
words: Historic Perspective. If we
ignore the past or simply ignorant of what has happened before. It’s a measure
of maturity when an individual, a family, community, and nation are able to see
him, her, / themselves in historic perspective. What we learn from historic
perspective depends entirely on how we do it.

Expression by Lord Acton in his inaugural lecture of 1895 that “the science of politics is the one science that is deposited by streams of history” like the grains of gold in the
sand of river; many of us doubt that facts of the past are discrete and quickly
recognizable as grains gold glittering in sand; nor we sure that the truth of
the past experience can so easily be deployed as instrument for action.

The truth of the past experience can easily be deployed as instrument for action when we make the present and future a better place to live. By learning about our past we
can make better choices and not make the same mistakes twice, not accepting
some thousands of Naira, community refusing bags of rice, salt and other food
commodities and revise long-standing internalized habitual taken for granted
perceived as natural, follow your heart to vote not based on political party affiliation.

Our decisions and events of the past have shaped who we are as an individual and country today. Let us as an individual revise the long-standing internalization culture that change is impossible and the INEC
timetable and schedule of activities for 2011 elections is not about the
political parties. It is about you as individual, the decision which you make
today will impact your future, your children, and that of our country

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