Computer 3D animation has found its niche in the movie industry as one of the most widespread method of making animated cartoons. Every year studios in the USA and other countries make 3D cartoons. Some of them (such as Toy Story, Shrek and Ice Age) immediately become popular worldwide; others are not so well accepted. As for Alpha and Omega directed by Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell, the feedbacks of the audience are controversial.

The plot is as follows. Kate and Humphrey are the wolves of one pack, but Kate is an alpha (she is the daughter of the pack leader and is always calm, confident and serious) and Humphrey is an omega (he is at the bottom of the hierarchy and responsible for nothing). Kate’s father wants her to marry Garth, the son of the rival pack leader, but his plans are ruined when people catch Humphrey and Kate and transport them to the reserve. The two wolves escape and go back home. Soon they fall in love with each other. After they return to the pack they get married. The two packs make peace, and Garth marries an omega she-wolf.

The idea is interesting, but the cartoon itself is not really absorbing. Why? I am not going to create academic writing about the methods of improving the plot; I am not going to make custom paper writing about what children like in cartoons either. I will just say that Alpha and Omega that needs more adventure and humor.

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